According to Omar Barrenos, Terraformer was a vegetable being given sentience and human form by the villain called the Plant Man.[1] Terraformer was recruited by Project: Earth to be part of their strike force, the Force of Nature, although the details of his recruitment and how the Project first learned of him remain a mystery.[2]

Terraformer participated in the Force of Nature's first public mission, against developers in the Amazon Rainforest, which brought the team into conflict with the New Warriors. During the battle, he was struck by a microwave blast from Firestar and was dehydrated, reducing him to an inanimate plant form.[3]

Over time, Terraformer returned to a humanoid shape but never regained his facade of humanity. He was never seen during a Force of Nature mission overseas in Trans-Sabal.[4]

Imprisoned into the Vault

The Force of Nature was incarcerated at the Vault prison, alongside Wizard and Gargantua. Terraformer's need for symbiotic contact with plant life reduced him to the point of insanity, and he instigated several riots among the prisoners. Fellow prisoner Vance Astrovik brought him a potted plant from the warden's office as a demonstration that the prisoners should be treated compassionately.[5]

Terraformer (Force of Nature) (Earth-616) from Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 32 0001

Terraformer met his death

Dark Reign

He later joined the Initiative, when the Force of Nature was made the team of Oregon.[6]

He participated to the sanction-offensive of the Initiative against the seceding Heavy Hitters[7] and later to the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard,[8] and was seemingly killed by Heimdall.[9]


As a being of animated vegetation, Terraformer produces energy by metabolizing water and sunlight, and so does not need to eat. He can mentally control plants around him, animating vines or roots to entangle or choke opponents, attack flying opponents with streams of mold, and command trees to move and attack. His link with plants is symbiotic in nature; he can manipulate them, but he also needs to maintain contact with them for his own mental health, and perhaps his physical existence.[5]

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