Terrana was a Dark Elf was chosen by Malekith to help him hunt down Iron Man, who had arrived to Svartalfheim in order to retrieve the rings of the Mandarin the villain had taken, for which the Accursed gave her the Spectral Ring. She was given a special secret mission by Malekith.[1]

Upon returning to Svartalfheim after fulfilling her mission, Terrana was attacked by the other Mandarins, but managed to escape. When she encountered Malekith, who had just fleed from being almost killed by Iron Man, she tried to tell him that the other Mandarins were on his trail, but before she could say anything, the other Mandarins arrived and attacked Malekith.[2]

The secret mission was later revealed to have been the extraction of the Bride's offspring from her body, for Malekith to raise it as his heir.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Terrana briefly possessed the Mandarin's Spectral Ring, which formerly allowed her to project:

  • Disintegration Beam: Terrana could to project a beam of energy capable of destroying the bonds between the atoms and molecules, causing inanimate objects to disintegrate. This ring must recharge for 20 minutes after each use.



Formerly Spectral Ring

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