Dr. Terrance Hoffman


Dr. Terrance Hoffman was a scientist of A.I.M. who was looking for mutants to achieve his goals.[1][2] He spent his whole adult life looking to grant himself with mutant powers.[3]

Saving Fatale, Reaper and Abyss

Finding Fatale, Reaper and Abyss frozen in this last's Brimstone Dimension, he saved them from it only to capture them and drain their mutant energies.[2]

As he was upon to dissect Fatale, drained as much as possible, his compound was attacked by the Serval Industries X-Factor, led by Polaris.[1]

Poweration process


Draining both Reaper and Abyss and overpowering himself, Hoffman gain giant size and energy manipulation, and killed the operator as he was intending to stop the process, and then battle X-Factor. He was quickly defeat by Gambit and Quicksilver, the last taking transporting the former next to his hear for him to deliver an explosive card, defeating Hoffman, seemingly depowering him, as he wasn't able to retain the energies while unconscious.[2]

Reaper tried to achieve him while he was knocked out, under the protest of Polaris and the support of Fatale, but was denied the opportunity by Quicksilver, leading to an attempt to fight with the speedster, not over Hoffman's life but about Pietro involvement in the former prisoners' current fate.[2]

Recruited by Serval Industries

Hoffman was left under the custody of X-Factor, and send to Serval's head office, restrained, and tested to be still an human. There, Serval President Harrison Snow offered him a place in his company.[3]


Powered form

Using the energies of Fatale, Abyss and Reaper, Hoffman gained the following mutant powers:

  • Giant Size: It is unknown if he had control over that power.
  • Energy Manipulation

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