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Professor Terrance Logan

Professor Terrance Logan was a biologist who in 1943 traveled into the Black Swamp region of the Congo jungle in search of a rare breed of orchid that grew in the area. Accompanying him on his expedition was his own wife, whom loved orchids. However during their travels, Mrs. Logan caught a fever and died. Heart broken, Terrance buried his wife around the orchids which he kept as a shrine. Seeking to keep others away from the site, Logan then crafted a crocodile costume and was able to befriend the local crocodiles to the point where they followed his orders. As the Crocodile Man, Terrance Logan made sure that all further expeditions into the Black Swamp proved to be fatal failures.

This all changed in 1953 when explorer Greg Knight agreed to take biologist Peter Dooley into the jungle in order to find the rare orchids, they were accompanied by the jungle adventurer named Lorna the Jungle Queen, whom was smitten with Greg Knight. When the two explorers found the orchids they were attacked by the Crocodile Man and his legion of obedient crocodiles. Lorna rescued Greg and was surprised to see Peter Dooley be taken prisoner by one of the crocodiles. Realizing that she was dealing with a man in a suit, Lorna easily defeated the Crocodile Man and removed his costume.

Hearing Logan's tragic tale, Lorna and the others agreed to keep the location of Logan's shrine a secret and were given some of the orchids in gratitude. Logan send them on their way and return to mourning the memory of the woman he loved so much.[1]

The ultimate fate of Terrance Logan is unknown.


Logan found a way to tame and train crocodiles to follow his orders. If this is some sort of learned skill or a super-human ability remains unexplored.


As the Crocodile Man, Terrance Logan wore a costume that made him resemble a real crocodile. It appeared to be a suit made out of an actual crocodile carcass and did not appear to have any special enhancements.

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