Terrence was born into a wealthy family and attended a prestigious school before going on to graduate from Yale University. When he was a child his younger brother William died suddenly and as a young man his father Terrence Sr. died of liver failure and his mother Margaret died soon after from what was likely suicide. Terrence went on to make his father's company much more successful, even reaching the Fortune 50. After this he married Sheila Bergstrom-Haller and they had their first and only child Terrence III who suffered from progeria. Some years later Sheila died of an overdose and Terrence spent his fortune trying to find a cure for his sons illness, dedicating his company to the search and seeking out anyone who could provide a cure of treatment[1]

When a group of young Inhumans came to Michigan as part of an 'exchange' program he sent a representative to inquire about buying their genetic material, hoping it would provide a cure for his son.[2] He was denied but sent operatives to acquire samples from the home the Inhumans were staying at, when those proved insufficient and with his son having a week or less to live he hired a mercenary named Mr. Chase to kidnap one of the Inhumans.[3] The others quickly arrived and a fight ensued in which Mr. Chase was killed and Terrence was arrested by the F.B.I, he asked to see his son one more time and the commited suicide rather than be taken from him.[4]

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