Terrence Rhodes was the father of James Rhodes, also known as Iron Patriot.[1] Through his deceased daughter Jeanette he has a granddaughter Lila Rhodes.

When Lila, his grandfather, was kidnapped for publicly defending Iron Patriot, Terrence tried to protect her but failed and was captured as well.[2] As they were being held in a warehouse, Lila managed to escape and get to a city nearby, where she got hold of a computer and hacked into one of the spare Iron Patriot Armors. The armor was sent to save Terrence, who wore it to prevent his son from being forced to kill the ex-President as his armor was being controlled.[3]

Terrence fought the person who was controlling Rhodey's armor. The villain proved himself superior to Terrence, but during the battle, Terrence managed to hit the place from which he was controlling Rhodey's armor. Rhodey manually ejected from the armor and kept fighting the villain. He charged a blast to kill Rhodey, but Terrence jumped in front of him and grabbed his hands to redirect the blast to him. The explosion heavily damaged the villain, who was then defeated by Rhodey, and killed Terrence.[4]

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