Terrex is a creation of the Eternals of Titan. Terrex was utilized to help Kerwin J. Broderick gain control of San Francisco. Moondragon mistakenly thought San Francisco was under the influence of Thanos and assisted Broderick with her powers and alien technology. Later, the aging Broderick melded his body and essence and merged with Terrex, with Broderick's psyche powering the being. Terrex was the embodiment of the Life Force. He claimed to have total power over any life form, both plant or human. As a demonstration, he drained the life force of a San Francisco policeman, killing him. Terrex was destroyed by the combined efforts of Moondragon, Angar the Screamer, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and the Black Widow.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Can kill animal or plant life by touch or by mental effort


Cannot be touched without causing paralysis or death to the individual coming into contact with him.


Susceptible to mental manipulation and attacks.




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