Terri Cooper was a classmate of Robbie Baldwin's who at the time was operating as the Masked Marvel, later Speedball. Terri, like the rest of her classmates, was unaware of Robbie's double life.[2] Unbeknownst to Terri, Robbie had a crush on her, but only saw him as a casual friend. She even accepted David Beals' prom proposal due to Robbie being sick at the time. However, she did have a crush on the Masked Marvel persona and managed to see him in action.[3] She openly described the Masked Marvel as "hotter than Mel Gibson and Corey Haim rolled into one", despite the fact that she was incapable of seeing his face.[1]

She was on a field trip with Robbie and Dave when she witnessed Jolly Roger make off with a pirate exhibit's treasure. She joined with Dave and Doris to explore Springdale's coastal shore, but they were grossed out and decided to head to the mall instead, unaware that Robbie as the Masked Marvel was facing Jolly Roger. She regretted leaving with Dave as the next day as Robbie was hailed a hero for "finding" a flintlock pistol which Terri found amusing.[4]

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