In a possible future, Terrible Eye became the Sorceress Supreme, and was part of the line of these mages that came after Stephen Strange. In this timeline, Gwenpool became evil and pitted the superhuman community against itself, leading to the worst superhero conflict of all time. She disappeared from reality after the heroes discovered she was pulling their strings.

Terrible Eye joined forces with Spider-Man and Vincent Doonan and travelled back in time in order to neutralize Gwenpool before she became a threat. They sought the help of Gwen's brother Teddy, since she didn't know he was also in the comic book world like her,[1] and had him force Gwen's younger self through a portal that took them to a pocket universe that recreated Gwen's original world, and erased her memories of her time as Gwenpool in the process.[2]

Gwen managed to escape, regain her memories and return to the Marvel Universe, where Terrible Eye, Spider-Man, and Vincent confronted her. While Sarah and Vincent were discussing how to neutralize Gwen's powers, Spider-Man knocked them down and fled with Gwenpool in order to outright kill her. However, he decided to recount what happened. This resulted in a flashback within the story which the evil Gwenpool used as a gateway to reach her younger self.[1]

The evil Gwenpool fought the future heroes, and knocked down Terrible Eye and Vincent before killing Spider-Man and escaping with her younger self to the Gutter Space. In the Gutter Space, the young Gwen's show of determination to avoid becoming evil caused her future self to disappear. Since evil Gwen never came to be, Sarah and Vincent disappeared from the present, since they wouldn't have any reason to travel in time in the first place.[3]


Seemingly those of the Terrible Eye of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Terrible Eye of Earth-616.

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