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Quote1 I called it the Utterance of Destiny, but they named it the T-Bomb. Basically, it's weaponized Terrigen... Quote2
Maximus the Mad[src]

The Terrigen Bomb, or T-Bomb, is a powerful Inhuman weapon that violently unleashes Terrigen Mist. The bomb is activated by the voice of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt.[1][3]

The T-Bomb was used a last resort in the war against the Shi'ar Empire but it failed to spread any T-Mist as the Terrigen Crystals were rendered inert. Nevertheless, the T-Bomb was still a bomb and it accidentally created the Fault, a massive hole in space and time.[4] Later, a smaller-scale T-Bomb was detonated on Earth and caused humans with secret Inhuman lineage to undergo Terrigenesis worldwide.[3]


War of Kings[]

The T-Bomb was built by Maximus the Mad during the war between the Kree Empire (led by the Inhumans) and the Shi'ar Empire. The purpose of the bomb was to spread the Terrigen Mist throughout the universe in an attempt to remove genetic and racial differences and usher in a new era of peace by turning all species into Inhumans. Because the bomb was powered by his voice, Black Bolt had to be inside the bomb in order to charge and ultimately detonate it.[1]

Terrigen Bomb from War of Kings Vol 1 6 001

Devistating the Shi'ar

Before the bomb could be fully charged, Vulcan attacked it. In the ensuing battle, Black Bolt used his powerful voice to incapacitate him, but inadvertently overloaded the weapon. Before the bomb could detonate, Crystal teleported on board with the aid of Lockjaw and rendered the Terrigen Crystals inert. Seconds before she could rescue Black Bolt, Vulcan regained consciousness and resumed his attack. After Crystal and Lockjaw fled, Black Bolt detonated the bomb. The explosion wiped out 87% of the Shi'ar Imperial Fleet, tore a hole in space and time, and ended the Kree-Shi'ar war with a decisive Kree/Inhuman victory.[4][5]


A second Terrigen Bomb was developed by Black Bolt in anticipation of Thanos's arrival on Earth looking for his son Thane, an Inhuman living in one of the numerous hidden tribes whose inhabitants hadn't endured Terrigenesis, for which the Mad Titan had demanded the heads of Inhuman younglings between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two, or the annihilation of Earth's inhabitants.[6]

Terrigen Bomb from Infinity Vol 1 4 001

Global Terrigenesis

When Thanos raided Attilan to claim the tribute, he found only Black Bolt waiting for him. When the villain threatened him, Black Bolt unleashed a powerful scream which tore down Attilan itself and activated the Terrigen Bomb, spreading the Mists across the Earth.[7] As the Terrigen Cloud expanded, all those with Inhuman lineage underwent Terrigenesis, including Thane and the inhabitants of the hidden tribes.[3]

The Terrigen Bomb revealed a secret that was only known to Black Bolt and Maximus: Long ago, a sect of Inhumans split from Attilan and intermingled with humans, spreading the Inhuman genes around the world. Their existence was kept hidden, even from Queen Medusa. The Bomb triggered Terrigenesis on thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands or more, worldwide.[8] The affected are called "NuHumans."[9]


  • The Terrigen Bomb originated from Earth X #9 and was later brought over to the mainstream continuity. This included the idea of spreading Terrigen Mist all over the globe.

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