Terror is the faithful horse of the frontier hero, the Gunhawk. Shortly into the Gunhawk's career, Terror was renamed Blaze.[1]

Terror rode the Gunhawk to places such as Santa Fe; Tomahawk Creek;[2] San Marcos;[1] Paige City; San Juan Del Rio, Mexico; Death Valley;[3] Smoke City, Arizona; Coronado City, Arizona; Cartridge City;[4] Burro Flats, Texas;[5] Arroyo; Bedlam;[6] Tumbleweed Flats;[7] White Boulder;[8] Casa Del Toro, Mexico;[9] and Toecalca, Mexico.[10]


Terror is a very intelligent horse and has been trained to understand simple commands from his master. He comes whenever Gunhawk whistles.

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