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Terrors were first seen in Ivan Hess's mindscape when Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson used their powers to enter it while Hess was catatonic. They were created in the last few minutes of the explosion of Roxxon's oil rig in Lake Borgne in 2010 when they were exposed to an unknown volatile energy. The energy consumed them with fear and anger, causing them to wander aimlessly and furiously until they found another living person who was not a Terror. Upon finding someone who was not like them, the Terrors would lash out violently, using anything around as a weapon, until they came in contact with an exposed part of the other individual's skin. This would infect the other person with the same fear and anger and make them into a Terror as well.[1]

Real Life

The Terrors came to life in the real world when the ignorance and greed of Roxxon CEO Peter Scarborough led to unchecked pressure on valves containing the same energy the oil rig was mining for. The pressure caused several valves around the city to explode, infecting thousands of people and turning them into Terrors. They roamed the city attacking anyone they came into contact with and infecting more and more people, including several police officers and Mina Hess. The police officers attacked Tyrone and Detective O'Reilly while they were being held in custody illegally, allowing them the chance to escape. Tyrone lured several into a room which was later locked and he managed to teleport directly to where Tandy was being chased by Mina and Tasered her.

Tandy and Tyrone later went to shut off the valves at the core of the Roxxon energy system to fix the city but were attacked by a large group of Terrors. The managed to fight most of the Terrors off, but were ultimately assisted by O'Reilly, who used a sniper rifle to fire mercy bullets at the crowd of Terrors from a rooftop.

Tandy and Tyrone ultimately managed to shut off the valves in the core and absorb the energy before dispersing it into the sky. After this, the Terrors seemingly returned to being normal people.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly the same increased strength and speed granted to an individual with a high amount of adrenaline.


Habitat: Metropolis
Gravity: Earth gravity
Atmosphere: Earth atmosphere

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