After the incident known as the White Event, Wilke developed paranormal powers, in his case the ability to project concussive force. He subsequently became a patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin. Wilke seemed to be one of the more low-profile patients, not joining any of the special interest groups that sprang up among the patients. [citation needed]

When the police raided the Clinic to investigate the deaths of some staff members that had been covered up, Wilke was in the middle of a physical therapy session at the Clinic's pool with physical therapist Juris Ziegler. When the police entered the pool area, guns drawn, Ziegler warned Wilke not to resist, but he hit one of the cops with a concussive blast anyway and he and Ziegler were both shot – Ziegler in the back and Wilke at the side of his stomach. It is unknown if he survived this injury. If he did, it is probable that like other adult male paranormals, he would have been drafted into the army.[citation needed]


Wilke could project concussive force as blasts. When these blasts struck certain substances, they would burst into flame.

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