Born to Linus Tarasov - a KGB scientist and an unnamed mother, Tesla didn't have a terrific start in life, her mother died in childbirth and her father wanted out.

Doing so, he took Tesla away - raising her in a remote, isolated area in Russia. When she was six (?) Linus was shot in front of her by James "Bucky" Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Taking her back to the KGB, she was forced to listen to George Michael’s “Wake me up” on the stereo everyday while staring at the word Life written across a chalkboard as if it had some significant meaning. Tesla took one thing with her to this Orphanage and that was her fathers books ‘The Lion and The Shepherd’. This book told Tesla all she needed for something in her future.

When she turned 11, Tesla let her rough exterior down for a possible friend only to be quickly betrayed. It was then that Tesla learned there is no one but herself to depend on. From that day on she was ‘The Electric Ghost’. This book is more than just a book it teaches Tesla how to bend and shape the Cosmic to her pattern, the way she wants. Effectively giving her the power to make and create anything she want, this again comes later. As time went on at the school things got worse she began to turn in on herself, letting any fragments go of the young girl that was once there.[1]

Eventually, she was sold as a child soldier to a man who became her lover. One day, she killed him and struck out on her own, attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. installations, drawing the attention of Nick Fury who pointed Bucky at her. With the help of Agent Joe Robards, he tracked her down and confronted her, trying to talk her down from her stated intention of rewriting history.[2]

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