Tetra was possessed by the power of the ancient sorcerer Nostume. She she was caught by the Demon Wolf, she was doomed to wander the time stream for all eternity, cursed with everlasting life and near-limitless eldritch power, embodying the undying force of an ageless evil.[1]

She then journeyed back through the time stream to kill Conan, when he was a kid in Cimmeria, but she eventually reconsidered and left.[1]

She was later killed by Conan to prevent the demon from taking control and hurting people.[2]


  • Sorcery: Tetra possesses vast magical powers after absorbing the power and spirits within the Well of Souls.[3] These powers include:
    • generating powerful offensive energy blasts strong enough to badly a damage a castle[1][4]
    • creations of realistic illusions[5]
    • transform or reverse transformations done using the power of the Well of Souls[2]
    • the generations of flames[5]
    • time travel[1][2]
  • Being trapped in within the timestream made her immortal in the sense that she never aged and probably was immune to disease.[1]


Tetra was a skilled fighter in unarmed and armed combat after being trained by Conan[6], easily killing ten men who harassed her.[1] She was skilled in the use of weapons like swords, clubs, and a bow.[6] She was also skilled in horseback riding.[7]


She can still be injured and even killed.[2] She formerly had trouble controlling the power she possessed.[1]


Formerly a horse-drawn carriage and a horse[7]


swords, clubs, a bow and arrows[6]

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