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Not much is known about the Texas Kid. In his only recorded appearance in 1879,[1] he was in action against raiders and desperadoes who were burning settlers alive in the land around the Red Rim Canyon in California. He revealed that this was all a plot orchestrated by Banker Dalton Wells to force ranchers to default on their mortgages. With the aid of a rancher named C.E. Humboldt, the Texas Kid got Wells to implicate himself in the plot. The Kid left him and his men to be arrested by the sheriff.[2]

He was reportedly still active in 1881, when some unknown but remarkable incidents took place in Pennsylvania. Some time later, he was investigated by unidentified parties as potential operative along other western heroes.[1]

The Texas Kid's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


None, he is a base-line human.


A quick-witted Texas Kid was a skilled gunslinger and horseman.


He rode a rapid and well-trained stallion named Spot.


Pair of six-guns

  • This Texas Kid should not be confused with Lance Temple, another western gunfighter who took up the title.

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