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Quote1.png Thaddeus Destine was a warrior born...With the ability to adopt the aspect of any beast -- His strength, speed and fighting skill had never met their match...Until that winter of 1374, on the Tibetan Plateau near the head of the Yangtze River...When the Geong Si attacked! Quote2.png
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Thaddeus Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. A born warrior, Thaddeus could take on the strengths and attributes of any animal.[2]


Thaddeus Destine was born in 1193, the second born child and first son born to the immortal Adam Destine and the djinn Elalyth.[3][4]

Using his gifts to adopt the aspect of any beast, Thaddeus became a formidable warrior and highly skilled fighter.[2] Between 1217 and 1272, Thaddeus join the Knights Templar and participate in the Crusades.[4]

In the winter of 1374, Thaddeus and Adam were escorting Albert to a monastery where he could recover from the sorrow of his inability to stave off the black plague. On the Tibetan Plateau, their party encountered the rogue Inhuman, Tral, controlling an attacking horde. Tral killed Thaddeus by blasting him off a cliff. Albert was so enraged by the murder of his beloved brother that he impulsively used his powers to kill Tral.[2]



Due to his magical heritage, Thaddeus possesses several powers including:

  • Animalistic Adaptation: Thaddeus possessed the ability to adopt the aspect of any beast (including a feral feline form).
  • Advanced Longevity: Like the other members of his family, Thaddeus aged slowly. At the time of his death, he was nearly 200 years old, but still appeared to be a relatively young.[2][3]


Thaddeus was a skilled swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant.



  • Thaddeus carried a pair of swords in battle.

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