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President Ross' history presumably mirrors his Earth-616 counterpart's up to the point when Bruce Banner first tested his Gamma Bomb. Banner apparently didn't need to save Rick Jones, allowing the successful test of the Gamma Bomb. Banner later married Ross' daughter Betty Ross.[1]

When Ross became President of the United States, he began using the Gamma Bomb to conquer the world. When the use of the Gamma Bomb led to a large number of Gamma Mutates being created, he made Banner built a machine to banish the Gamma Mutates that he had no use for and kept the strong ones, turning them into the Abominations. With the Gamma Bomb and the Abominations, Earth was devastated and the United States became the world's largest empire. He also led a campaign against mutants, including the X-Men, believing them to be threats.[2]

Ross hunted down Banner when he into hiding. When Banner was located, he sent a military to apprehend him while he personally watched from a plane. However, Banner had brought in his counterpart of Earth-616 and proceeded to devastate Ross' forces. To stop Banner-616, Ross told Banner-122 that he would kill his former student Peter Parker if he didn't stop Banner-616. Banner-122 couldn't stop Banner-616 in time, so, Ross shot Parker and kicked him out of his plane. Instead of dying, Parker transformed into a spider-like gamma mutate.[3]

Ross brutally beat Banner-122, forcing him to tell him how he brought Banner-616 to Earth-122 and why he did so. Ross then revealed in private how he created the Abominations and how they were useful in helping the United States conquer the world. Ross then deployed the Abominations against Banner-616 much to the protests of Banner-122.[4]

When Banner-616 devastated the Abominations after transforming into a 30-foot monstrosity, Ross ordered that a Gamma Bomb dropped on Banner-616. Banner-122 protested Ross' decision as it would kill thousands in nearby cities. Ross didn't care and ordered Banner-122 to stand down with his revolver. Banner-122 tackled Ross and killed Ross with his own revolver.[5]



Seemingly those of the Thaddeus Ross of Earth-616.

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