General "Thunderbolt" Ross appeared alongside his daughter Betty inside the test bunker of the Desert Base to ask Doctor Bruce Banner why there were so many delays with his newest invention, the Gamma Bomb. As Ross and Banner argued, Banner's assistant Igor Drenkov spotted a teenager on the Gamma Bomb test site. Already angered enough, Ross left to retrieve the youngster, ordering Betty to return home. While Ross drove out onto the site, Igor revealed his true nature as a Communist spy and sprayed gas into the bunker, knocking out Banner and everyone else inside.

General Ross soon found young Rick Jones sitting in his car on the test site, playing harmonica. Ross quickly put a gun to Jones's head and ordered him off the premises, as Rick asked what the noise was. A panicked Ross quickly realised that Igor had not stopped the G-Bomb countdown and ordered Rick to run. Just as Rick made it to the protective trench, General Ross was hit by the Gamma Bomb and bombarded with Gamma radiation.

As soon as Ross was hit, he began to transform into a grey-skinned monster and passed out. Unfortunately, when he passed out, he landed on top of Rick in the trench and Ross's sheer mass crushed Rick. After Ross awoke, he went to the first place he knew of, his home.

At home, Ross frightened Betty, who didn't recognize him, and his attempts to communicate with her came out as a garbled roar. Upon looking into a mirror and seeing his newly-transformed self, he became terrified and fled the scene while Betty called 9-1-1. After a mighty leap, Ross landed right in front of the escaping Drenkov's car, causing a wreck that killed Drenkov. Ross then threw the car into a gas station in a fit of rage, causing an explosion that notified the military of his presence. Following an attack of the military on him, Ross fled the scene once more, thinking that if anyone could understand what had happened to him, it was his daughter. On his way back to his home, Ross was once again attacked by the military. During the battle, Ross grabbed a tank and hurled it away. After destroying of the last weapon, Ross leapt to the site of his home, which had been destroyed by the tank Ross had thrown earlier.

Ross fell to the ground in terror at what he had done as Bruce Banner walked next to him. A bitter Bruce explains that Betty had died and that he saw her waving right before the tank hit. Ross transformed back into his human form and begged Banner to tell him how to fix the problem.

Bruce replied, “I’m sorry, General… but you’ve convinced me. The world’s too dangerous. The time for words is over.” repeating a similar speech that Ross had given him earlier before the bomb was tested. Bruce then told him that he was convinced that Ross was too dangerous and shot him in the back of his head.


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner (Earth-616)#Powers

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