After Ultron's sudden take-over of Earth, Red Hulk was in Chicago working along Taskmaster and Black Panther in order to survive from the rampaging robot's sentinels. When trying to retrieve a piece of one of the sentinels, Red Hulk wasn't quick enough and caught their attention to Taskmaster and Black Panther. Ross managed to defeat the sentinels, but during the fight, the building where they were collapsed, and T'Challa's neck was broken in the fall.[1]

Thaddeus Ross (Earth-61112) 002

Red Hulk smashing some of Ultron's sentinels.

Red Hulk reunited with Taskmaster, who was trying to escape with a head of one of Ultron's sentinels, Ross killed the mercenary as he didn't trust him anymore. Red Hulk managed to reunite with other surviving heroes in the Savage Land, just as it was revealed Ultron was actually in the future, using Vision as a conduit to punish humanity, and just as Moon Knight, Black Widow arrived, revealing they had a plan made by Nick Fury to defeat Ultron.[2] The heroes found Nick Fury in a secret hideout, and Ross was one of the heroes who decided to form a team and use one of Doctor Doom's Time Platforms Fury had kept in his refuge to travel to the future and defeat Ultron, but as soon as they got to what was Manhattan, they were overpowered by a swarm of Ultron sentinels.[3]


Seemingly those of the Thunderbolt Ross of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thunderbolt Ross of Earth-616.

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