After the death of his daughter, General Ross was built into a cyborg and named himself, War Machine. He was at some point captured and placed in Arcade's Killiseum. Here, Taskmaster grew jealous of War Machine's popularity in the Killiseum and demanded that Arcade kill him. However, Arcade wanted to turn the mystery behind the death of Ross' daughter into an event. Taskmaster however, threatened to deal with Ross himself if Arcade doesn't.

The next day, Arcade "revealed" that they've discovered that Betty Ross was not killed by a Hulk from Greenland but instead had been killed by Taskmaster himself. Taskmaster attempted to talk some sense into a raging War Machine, but Ross wouldn't listen and in the ensuing fight, Taskmaster slit Ross' throat. General Ross then blasts Taskmaster back into the grasp of the Killiseum's Zombies before falling to a knee and telling the crowd, there are bigger monsters to fight against and that they too can be broken.[1]

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