Quote1 To my knowledge, there has been no military operation mounted in the past 24 hours to apprehend Bruce Banner-- and, mister, I know everything! Quote2
-- Gen. Thunderbolt Ross src

Gen. Thunderbolt Ross seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. He lead the hunt for the Hulk, until the latter was pardoned after defeating Metal Master, infuriating Ross.

Double Lives

Thunderbolt's daughter, Betty, was kidnapped by what appeared to be the Hulk. He began once again hunt Hulk, only to be manipulated by militay contractor Lex Luthor into giving him access to the Gamma Ray Projector to kill Hulk. He went power hungry and kept firing even after its internal alarms went off. Luckily, Hulk was able to destroy it and Superman was able to clear him of the charges, revealing the criminal to be a robots.[1]

The Monster and the Madman

Gen. Thunderbolt Ross answered a call from Commissioner Jim Gordon, telling him that the men who took Bruce Banner were not true United States Air Force[2]


Seemingly those of the Thunderbolt Ross of Earth-616.

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