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The past history of General Ross of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point in which Bruce Banner is transformed into the Hulk.

In this reality, Bruce Banner would retain his intelligence when in the form of the Hulk, leading to his transformed state remaining a secret between himself, Rick Jones and Ross' daughter Betty, the latter of whom Bruce would pursue a relationship with. When bringing Betty home late one night, Bruce would be forced to reveal to Ross his Hulk form (as his transformations happened at night). Ross would be horrified, however Banner's explanation that it was an accident and criticisms of Ross for constantly riding him for either being too weak, or too strong make Ross realize the errors of his way of thinking and the two would reconcile. Ross would then allow Banner to marry his daughter Betty.

Much later, after the Thing became even more powerful and hostile toward humanity, General Ross would be selected to lead "Operation: Thing" a military mission to capture and detain the rampaging Thing[1]. His current activities remain unknown.

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