Thanasi was one of the Twelve Knights of the Archimage and best friend to his fellow knight, Lukasz. For centuries, the knights served the Archimage in his eternal struggle against Boneyard, reincarnated by the Archimage's magic into new bodies every time they were killed. Thanasi chose to betray the Archimage to Boneyard, giving the dark sorcerer the secret of the Archimage's true name, removing his power. The Twelve Knights were slaughtered by Boneyard's men, and they could no longer reincarnate. Only Thanasi and Lukasz survived, the latter due to a last-ditch plan by the Archimage placing him into the body of Eden Blake.[1]

As reward for his betrayal, Thanasi was given the power to jump bodies at will, taking the nickname of the Puppeteer. Learning of Lukasz's survival as Eden Blake, Thanasi placed himself close to his old friend, inhabiting the bodies of her lover and later ex-husband. Because Lukasz, as Eden, had become a sorceress named Mantra, Thanasi created an identity for himself as the Iron Knight, since iron muted the effects of magic. After attacking Mantra at a wedding, however, Thanasi was forced into the body of the old and crippled Uncle Moe. The weak physical body trapped him, leaving him incapable of escaping Moe's form.[2]

Months later, Thanasi escaped Moe's body at the moment of his death. Lukasz had fallen in love with Eden Blake on the spiritual plane, and sought to regain his own male body so that Eden's spirit could retake hers. When Lukasz succeeded in recreating his original form using nanotech, however, Thanasi's spirit possessed Eden's body before her spirit could reclaim it. Now possessing her sorcerous potential, Thanasi became Necromantra. During the struggle on the Godwheel, she allied herself with Primeval and Lord Pumpkin as the Ultras of Earth fought against Argus. Thanasi seemingly vanished in the conflict, allowing Eden to retake her body and she was reunited with Lukasz.[3]

Thanasi was not gone, though. When Lukasz impregnated Eden, Thanasi used magic to accelerate the child's birth, possessing it at the same time. The newborn girl, named Marinna after Lukasz's lost love, quickly aged into adulthood. Thanasi possessed the body and its magical power, becoming Necromantra again.[4]

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