Prince Thann plotted to overthrow Munthassem Khan with Atalis the Far Seeing. He was cursed by the Hand of Nergal with spasms of blindness which would have devoured his brain. After Conan helped them defeat Munthassem Khan, he offered him a chestful of gold, but the Cimmerian took only one small sack, a good strong horse, and the pick of Atalis' slave girls.[1]

Prince Thann replaced Munthassem Khan as ruler of Yaralet. Atalis gained the Hand of Nergal and the Heart of Tammuz, then ensorcelled Prince Thann, causing Thann to become as much a tyrant as his predecessor. With the help of the Hand of Nergal, which took the form of an immense taloned claw the size of the real Nergal's hand, Atalis began trying to subdue the hills and eventually conquer everything between Yaralet and Turan. Atalis typically kept Thann incapacitated on the lotus drug, reviving him only as needed from matters of state.[2]


None, human.

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