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Thanos was a member of a race called the Titans. He slaughtered most of his people in his search for conquest. He would later cause the same catastrophe to other worlds like Gamora's, who he later adopted alongside Nebula and Korath at some point. He trained his adoptive children to be deadly weapons. He also allied himself with Ronan the Accuser into bringing him the power artifacts like the Infinity Stones, as well as the Emperor J'son of Spartax promises to give Thanos the Cosmic Seed in exchange for destroying Asgard.

At one point Thanos destroyed the Planet Klyntar, before abducting the resident Symbiotes and brought them to Planet X to experiment on them, the result corrupted the symbiotes to go feral.[1]

In all the Universe, Warlock was the one being Thanos he feared the most, which led him to track down the Nova Centurions who were protecting Warlock while in his cocoon form. Jesse Alexander, the last surviving Centurion faced against Thanos for the cocoon but was defeated and supposedly killed, Thanos took the cocoon and as well as Jesse's damaged Nova helmet.

Thanos would lend Ronan his children to send on mission, one in particular was to locate the "Wizard" who has info on the location of an "artifact of infinite power". The events after this played out similarly to his MCU counterpart, such as being betrayed by Ronan.

Search for the Cosmic Seed

Thanos went against the Guardians of the Galaxy in finding the long lost Cosmic Seed. He appeared on Knowhere demanding the Guardians to give him the CryptoCube, the very object that leads to the seed. Drax took this opportunity to kill the Mad Titan, while unsuccessful he's saved in time by Groot. Star-Lord links with the continuum cortex to control Knowhere and uses it to blast Thanos and his army away while Cosmo teleports Knowhere to a remote sector in the Galaxy.[2]

Once Thanos discovered that Star-Lord is a Prince of Spartax, he made contact with King J'son of Spartax, accusing him of lying about his his sons death, J'son assures him that he was also unaware of it. J'son convinces Thanos to let Peter live until he finds the Cosmic Seed.[3]

When J'son's treachery came into light, he summoned Thanos to arrive on Spartax for assistance.[4] Thanos threatened the people of Spartax to submit to him or be destroyed, however the Guardians as well as Thor and the Asgardians present quickly retaliated against his army of Sakaarans, but proved to be too powerful for them. J'son persuaded Thanos to spare Peter Quill for he is the only one who can locate the Cosmic Seed, thus he took Peter flied away. Thanos tortured Peter to find him the Cosmic Seed, he then demanded that he open the CryptoCube to power himself up with the residual energy form the Seed. When he refused, Thanos tricked Peter into doing so by putting him under an illusion of his mother dying unless he opens the Cube. Now powered with the Cosmic Seed energy, Thanos battles the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Angela who came to save Quill and stop the Mad Titan, they were able to take back the Cube and attempted to destroy it but it showed to be indestructible even by Thor's hammer. Just before Thanos reclaim the CryptoCube, Star-Lord freezes it with his Element Gun, making it fragile enough to be destroyed within his hands, enraged Thanos creates a black hole to suck up everyone present. However Loki arrived in time to attack Thanos with his guard down, Star-Lord then created a huge rock via his Element Gun to completely push Thanos into the Black Hole before it closed.[5]

Thanos apparently survived and arrived on Earth within the Himalayas to take the Cosmic Seed, he also blasts Ronan far away for his previous betrayal, Thanos then wielded his Universal Weapon along with his gauntlet powered by the Cosmic Seed and prepares to destroy the Earth.[6] Thanos controlled the plant life and environment to attack the Guardians of the Galaxy, the team retreats and fended off his attacks the Universal Weapon he dropped earlier, with Ronan's help the Guardians were able to disconnect Thanos control with the Earth via the Milanos tractor beam and drag him through and asteroid field, but Thanos was able use his new power to drag himself back to the planet. Thanos landed in New York City Central Park and caused further destruction there. Ronan was able to temporary paralyze Thanos with a Quantum Bomb, attempting destroy him along with the planet, Quill used his "power to annoy" Thanos into dig the bomb and throw it at Ronan. The Guardians fought back against Thanos with and army of "Grootlings" created from the reaming Cosmic Seed energy they had with Groots World Pod. While distracted Star-Lord used the Asguardian container to absorb back the Cosmic Seed into it, depowering Thanos. Before he was completely drained, Thanos brings their battle to and underground subway where they fight in a tug of war over Seed, in the end the Thanos lost the Cosmic Seed to Guardians and was buried within the Earth.[7]

Thanos had remain buried for roughly a year until a red Symbiote he had kept on his asteroid came looking for him, possessing construction workers to release him. Once freed, Thanos became the symbiotes host and prepares to battle the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man.[8]



Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616.

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