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Quote1 This didn't have to be this way. We could have ruled this world together! But worry not, father. There is still a place for you here... as my herald. Quote2


In the reality of Thanos' origin, the Rider followed through with his plan to travel back in time to kidnap Thanos as a baby and raise him to do good. Thanos grew up by the Rider's side on Earth, and his father's sense of justice became ingrained in him. Together they attempted to bring peace to the world. In this reality, Thanos also prevented the murder of his adoptive father's family allowing his father's past self to live a peaceful life with his wife Maria. However, Thanos decided to cast out the populace that refused him, displacing them to chaos-ridden ghettos that he patrolled with an authoritarian regime.[1] When the Rider defied his adoptive son for this, Thanos killed him in battle.[2]

To prevent this reality from existing, Cable formed the Guardians of the Galaxy and travelled back in time to the past of Earth-616 to kill that period's baby Thanos, who had just been abducted from the crib by the Rider. Unaware of the consequences of Thanos' would-be upbringing, the Rider thwarted every one of Cable's attempts to kill the child. The grown-up Thanos eventually followed Cable to the past and killed him. Afterwads, he brought his younger self and the Rider to his future, where he intended to show him the fruit of his labor.[3] The Rider was initially hopeful since Thanos' future seemed to be a peaceful utopia, and Thanos himself hid the true cause of death of Frank's future self from him, but was quickly disheartened to find the slums where Thanos' ruled with an iron fist. The Rider confronted Thanos for this,[1] which broke into a fight that resulted in Thanos' death. He then returned the baby Thanos to the past so that this future would not come to pass.[4]



  • Superhuman Strength[4]
  • Superhuman Durability[4]
  • Superhuman Agility[4]
  • Energy Manipulation & Projection[4]
  • Telepathy[4]




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