Thanos shares a similar history to his Earth-616 counter-part until the Silver Surfer successfully stole the Infinity Gauntlet from him. Warlock asked him to hand the Gauntlet over, but Surfer refused and put the Gauntlet on, much to Thanos' horror. His first action was to reverse all the things Thanos had done. He then tasked both Thanos and Warlock with being advisors while he remade the universe, both agreed but both wanted him to relinquish the Gauntlet, with Thanos wanting to reclaim it for himself. The Surfer then removed hunger, disease and poverty from the universe and even remade Death, angering Thanos. After Mephisto was killed, the Surfer sent Thanos and Warlock away. The pair went to see Doctor Strange and began to plan a way to free the Surfer from the Gauntlet, with Thanos wanting to perform a direct attack, which Strange pointed out would likely fail. Strange had a plan and went to execute it, while Warlock and Thanos were summoned back to the Surfer. While they were gone the Surfer had began to contemplate godhood, but before he could act, Strange arrived with Shalla-Bal. Initially he gave her a portion of his power, but this lead to a fight with the Surfer and he ultimately tried to eliminate her before he realized that the power has corrupted him. The Surfer seemingly sacrificed himself, destroying the Gauntlet and gems in the process. After Warlock and Strange left, Thanos mused at how close her had been to ultimate power.[1]


Seemingly those of Thanos (Earth-616)#Powers.

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