The history of this Thanos mirrored that of the Thanos of Earth-616, up to the point when he and Adam Warlock traveled to an inhabitable planet in search for an artifact created by unknown higher-dimensional entities, which were above even the Living Tribunal.

In the deep ruins of the planet's surface, Thanos and Adam Warlock found the object as well as their counterparts from Earth-616. The two universes were remodeled according to this Thanos' and the alternate Warlock's respective subconscious perceptions of reality. The remaining incarnation of Thanos had to destroy the version of Warlock in charge of one reality, while the remaining incarnation of Warlock had to destroy the version of Thanos in charge of the other. After the two timelines returned to normal, they merged together, with the parallel, and supposedly much more powerful, version of Warlock retroactively taking over the position of the now annihilated former incarnation. Whether Thanos absorbed his counterpart after the merge is not known.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616


Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616

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