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Thanos tried to steal the Cosmic Cube, against Hellcat and Spider-Man's efforts to stop him.

As Hellcat kicked the Cube out of Thanos' hand, causing into an alley where a little kid found it. Thanos tried to get it back but was stopped by the two heroes. He was arrested and sent to jail.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Thanos of Earth-616.



Thanos-Copter: Thanos once used a yellow helicopter with "Thanos" labeled on the tail as his vehicle of choice.[1]


  • Spidey Super Stories #39's writer Jim Salicrup was a big fan of 1966's Batman film, and was inspired by vehicles like the Bat-Boat and the Bat-Copter when he needed to come up with a simple way for Thanos to get around, hence why he wrote the Mad Titan using the Thanos-Copter.[2]

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