Thanos and Mentor were the sons of the Scientist Supreme of the Titan system. Each of them was genetically engineered for a different purpose -- Mentor was to study and learn, Thanos was to punish and avenge. Thanos recognized at an early age that he was incapable of appreciating things the way his studious brother and father did. On the planet Harmony, the conflicted warrior-philosophers of Whynnm suggested to the Scientist Supreme that Thanos would benefit from the teachings of the pacifist planet, Zenn-La.[1]

Thanos eventually became a disciple of Lady Chaos, lovingly conversing with a stone statue of the deity as if she were truly present with him. He began a campaign of annihilation in her name, hoping to convince Chaos to speak to him directly. Thanos made contact with the Silver Surfer, in an effort to learn the secrets of Galactus. During their mental combat, Thanos inadvertently released the memories of Norrin Radd that Galactus had hidden away when he first created his herald.[2]

The petulant Thanos continued his campaign of annihilation across the stars, intent on destroying the worlds his father brought him and his brother to as children. When he reached Harmony, though, Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill managed to turn him back using the Dream-Weaver of Zenn-La to fool his senses.[1]

Thanos eventually discovered a force of unlimited power, allowing him to manipulate the flow of time itself. Eternity and Infinity recruited the Silver Surfer to stop Thanos from destroying all that they represented. [3]

  • More information about Thanos was revealed in episode scripts for the unreleased season 2 of The Silver Surfer.
    • Thanos was from the world Saturnan in the Titan system, and his father was Alars, a separate character from Mentor.
    • Thanos was indeed the protector of Titan, but while he drove off the Kree and Skrull, the devastation suffered by Saturnan was too high. He left home to find even greater power as a protector.
    • Thanos battled Lady Chaos and imprisoned her in the stone statue but, as his insanity grew, Thanos became devoted to Chaos and forgot their previous conflicts.
    • The premiere of season 2 would have picked up from the cliffhanger ending of season 1. Thanos succeeded in destroying the entire universe except the Silver Surfer. Norrin Radd defeated Thanos, but inadvertently unleashed Lady Chaos from her prison. He recreated the universe by casting the remnant universe into Chaos, restarting the Big Bang. In the restored universe, Thanos was one of the pacifist students on Zenn-La, although his original personality occasionally resurfaced as a threat.

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