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Quote1 Existence generates diversity, which prompts disagreement, and that brings about bedlam. All entities seek some level of supremacy over their fellow beings. Such is the plague of life. The concept of loyalty was conceived to deceive. Trust is a fantasy fools pray for and scoundrels exploit. These truths I have learned over centuries of struggle. To allow this mad game to continue is unforgivable cruelty. Now that I reign supreme it is my duty to put an end to this insane exercise in universal masochism. There is no honor in striving for the unattainable. Struggling for betterment is an exercise in futility one spends their time on while waiting their inevitable end. The only true comfort awaits within the void. There is no peace to be found in life! It is a cruel and empty promise! No longer will I tolerate the hypocrisy of existence! My children, I am here to free you from the great lie! Let there be an end! Quote2


The history of Thanos seemingly mirrored that of his 616 counterpart, until he used the Astral Regulator to absorb most of the Cosmic Beings and become the embodiment of his universe. However, seeing that Hunger, controlling the inhabitants of Zelchia, would kill him in the year of 4657 he manipulated the past by making Eros to go on 2000 year exile to meet Kang who knew about the existence of future Thanos prompting Eros to formulate a plan to avoid all of that. During this, Thanos took control of his past self ensuring his own existence.[1]

Thanos (Earth-81488) from Thanos The Infinity Conflict Vol 1 1 001

An almost omnipotent Thanos.

After his past self used the Regulator to absorb the majority of the cosmic beings, the two Thanos merged together,[2] with the future one locking his past within their psyche. He confronted the Above-All-Others, and the Living Tribunal and finally absorbed both of them becoming the embodiment of all spaces and times. When Adam Warlock, Eros, and Pip the Troll arrived, Thanos was only able to see Pip, since he was inexperienced with this newfound power and moreover both Adam and Eros now existed outside the norm. Eros and Pip escaped, while Adam remained behind allowing Thanos to absorb him inside his universe. He began searching for, since he was the only one who could foil Thanos' entire plan. When Eros and Pip tried to free Thanos' past self, this allowed future Thanos to finally absorb them inside his universe. As he saw that existence was just a never-endless cycle which trapped all beings decided to commit suicide and "free" everyone from this "torture". Thankfully, as he was about to end it all, Kang prevented Eros from getting captured distracting Thanos which allowed his past self to take control of his powers and reset everything to back before the machinations of future Thanos who seemingly ceased to exist.[3]



Having absorbed the majority of the cosmic beings such as Eternity, Infinity, Mistress Death, Galactus and many others, he seemingly possessed all of their powers, becoming the embodiment of his universe.[2] After absorbing the Above-All-Others and the Living Tribunal he become the embodiment of the entire multiverse, having total control over space and time. With his multiversal omniscience and omnipresence he could see all different universes, even those where people were reading the comic book in which these events were occuring.


Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616.

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