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Thanos gained all the Infinity Gems and activated the Infinity Gauntlet killing half of all life in the universe to appease Death. He summoned Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer , Adam Warlock and New Fantastic Four to his domain. Before he could annihilate his enemies, Mephisto, as his advisor, stoped him. and he sent them away

Thanos was then attacked and easily defeat the universe's cosmic entities as the Four returne. Wolverine decided to team up with Thanos, replacing Mephisto as Thanos' advisor. The Fantastic Four changed their strategy in taking a Celestial armor, which is then implemented and controlled by Iron Man to attack Thanos. This, however, doesn't work. As Thanos shielded himself, Wolverine ask him if he has ever touched Death as a part of love. After defeating Iron Man, Thanos is strongly convinced of Wolverine's suggestion and uses the Gauntlet to touch Death. Just as he did this, Wolverine cut off Thanos' arm with the Gauntlet and leaves him to be physically assaulted by the Hulk. Spider-Man then utilize the Gauntlet and successfully restores the damages done by Thanos.

Thanos was turned over to the Abstract Beings, stripped of his powers and made a simple gardener.[1]

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Seemingly those of Thanos of Earth-616.



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