After the destruction of Attilan, Thanos faced Black Bolt and ultimately defeated him. The Builders began their invasion of the universe, and Thanos promised Black Bolt he would protect the Inhumans and the Earth. In exchange, Black Bolt had to kill the Avengers. Black Bolt ultimately agreed and killed several the heroes, allowing Thanos to take control of the Earth, and the Inhumans set up there new base in the ruins of New York City, calling it New Atillan. However, he never revealed the truth about what he had done, instead allowing the other Inhumans to believe that they had just been abandoned by the Avengers.[1]

Eventually, the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family began to conspire against Thanos. Their plan involved Gorgon and Crystal tracking down Dazzler, smuggling her into New Attilan and trying to hide her. After she had been found, Karnak informed both Medusa and Black Bolt. He and Medusa used Lockjaw to teleport to Gorgon and Crystal, but the Black Order discovered they were trying to smuggle a weapon into the city and attacked the Inhumans. Thanos and Black Bolt also arrived, and they revealed the plan. They combined Dazzler's powers with Black Bolt's and killed Thanos with a huge beam of light.[1]


Seemingly those of the Thanos of Earth-616.

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