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Quote1 I am failure personified. Quote2

Appearing in "Damnation and Redemption"

Featured Villains:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

(from Infinity Gauntlet era)




Synopsis for "Damnation and Redemption"

Continued from Captain Marvel #33...

After the destruction of the Cosmic Cube, Thanos reincorporates in orbit above the Earth and is recovered by his servants, the Blood Brothers. Before he can wake up, Thanos finds himself transported to Mephisto's Realm, where the hell-lord offers allegiance or damnation. Thanos, wrought with despair from his defeat, is ready to accept whichever fate Mephisto decides for him, but is unexpectedly rescued by a spectre of his future self wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. The spectre explains that the future Thanos saw his inevitable defeat through the Time Gem and created several avatars to explore his past and future to solve certain mysteries, including the lost memory of how he recovered from his first defeat. He realizes that it was his own interference in his history that prevented himself from being enslaved by Mephisto at that moment, and that when Nebula uses the Gauntlet to reset the timeline, Thanos will only retain the subconscious effects of their atemporal encounter. The avatar then leads Thanos on a tour through significant events in his future: Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Watch, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, Infinity Abyss, ultimately building up to the Infinity Revelation. They reach a barrier in the Gem's ability to see through time, apparently not as a limitation of the Time Gem, but of time itself. When the journey ends, Thanos wakes up on the Blood Brothers' ship and rededicates himself to his quest of terror. The future Thanos avatar attempts to witness the event of Universal Transmutation, but the Living Tribunal banishes him due to his future-self's role in the metamorphosis.

Solicit Synopsis

Jim Starlin returns to Thanos, and he’s brought INFINITY GAUNTLET artist Ron Lim with him!

  • Thanos must face Mephisto, his future self, the Avengers and more!
  • Learn how a devastating defeat in Thanos’ past set events into motion that will redefine the Marvel Universe in the near future!
  • A prequel to the upcoming THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION original graphic novel!



  • Nebula claimed to be Thanos' granddaughter, not his daughter as it is said in this issue
  • in the flash forwards to Infinity Abyss and Thanos #s 1 - 6 Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel and Pip the Troll are not wearing the outfits they wore in those issues. Cyclops is also depicted in the wrong costume, at one point.
  • Thanos recognizes Gamora in the visions of his future, but not Warlock. He should not recognize either of them at this point, as he later finds and recruits Gamora while traveling through time only after learning about the Magus and Warlock.
  • A footnote points to Savage Hulk #7. This was renamed to Thanos vs. Hulk #1.

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