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Quote1 Extrinsic that what we are going to call the creatures that will obliterate us? Quote2

Appearing in "The Thanos Imperative (Part 1 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Thanos Imperative (Part 1 of 6)"

Two years ago, during the Annihilation War, Peter Quill and Nova had a brief moment of quiet. Nova was amazed by the scale of the war, but Quill waved it away, saying that wars in space have a danger of getting big. The Annihilation War was huge, but would get much bigger if the Abstracts - Eternity, Death, Oblivion - got involved. As a bombing run starts on their camp, Quill gave Nova some advice - if he ever gets involved in a conflict with the Abstracts, run...

In the present day, Thanos has awoken from the Universal Church of Truth's efforts to resurrect him, and attacks the first thing he sees - the Guardians of the Galaxy, the very group that rescued him. Rocket Raccoon manages to talk him down by threatening to dump him, still alive, into a gravity well for the rest of time. The prospect of an endless life frightens Thanos enough to calm him down, and the Guardians' telepaths put him back to sleep.

Suddenly, they pick up a set of Kree and Shi'ar ships at the Fault. The Universal Church of Truth have detonated several planets covered in worshipers next to the Fault, and this beacon has summoned beings from a parallel universe overstuffed with life. Initial battle reports show the denizens of this universe are far harder to kill; brimming with life. As this news gets out, the Silver Surfer watches, assessing.

On the other side of the Fault, Vaughn, the Guardian of Universe 10011, is conferring with Lord Mar-Vell, the Many-Angled Ones' chief representative. Their plans to strike first have failed, partly due to the failure of the Universal Church of Truth to secure the Avatar of Death in this new universe. Mar-Vell decides that the best plan is to send his finest warriors to find the Avatar - the Revengers, Earth-10011's version of the Avengers.

At Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy are pondering events. Just as the reports of the Cancerverse's advance guard reached them, Thanos started howling in pain. The situation is dire, and they have only one thing going for them - Thanos, the deadliest mortal being in the universe.

On the Nova Corps starship Resolute Duty, the Corps is being pummeled by the newcomers, alongside Namorita, who is following them around until she can go home. It seems they are to be saved by the arrival of Quasar and Nova, but the heroes are attacked by the Revengers, who interpret the strange energy around Namorita to mean that she is the Avatar of Death, and capture her.

Back on Knowhere, the Guardians prepare to send a team alongside Thanos into the other universe to see what's happening. They get a tagalong - Drax the Destroyer, the man who killed Thanos the last time. They cross over into the other universe, and Thanos shuts down from the presence of so much life in this universe. The rest of the group is faring much worse - they have been set upon by this universe's Defenders!

Solicit Synopsis

THE NEXT HUGE MARVEL COSMIC EVENT IS HERE! The dangerous and mysterious fissure known as The Fault has opened, and the dark forces of a rival universe where there is no death are pouring through to claim ours! Nova, The Silver Surfer, Quasar, Gladiator and more of the greatest cosmic champions of the Marvel Universal line up to stop them, but it could be more than even they can handle. Luckily, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and some of the galaxy’s underdog, never-say-die heroes have a plan. It’s a crazy plan. It’s called...Thanos! Welcome to the end of everything, brought to you by acclaimed writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and superstar artist Miguel Sepulveda (THUNDERBOLTS)! So grab your blaster and find out why critics like Ain’t It Cool News raves “(Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning) succeed in producing the most entertaining super hero comic books on the stands today.”


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