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Quote1 Our universe has much to offer. new ways of looking at the universe, new ways of existing. There is no end to what you will experience. Literally no end. Quote2
Nighthawk (Cancerverse)

Appearing in "The Thanos Imperative (Part 2 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Thanos Imperative (Part 2 of 6)"

At the Fault, Nova, accompanied by Quasar, is taxed to capacity fighting off the creatures of the Cancerverse. On the side, Worldmind is coordinating his efforts and asks if he's distracted because of Namorita's capture. Nova answers that he's already focused. He and Quasar then go to assist the Kree flagship, where Triton is fighting his hardest, as Queen Medusa was already evacuated. He is nearly ambushed by a Cancerverse creature, when the Silver Surfer tears through it. It is then revealed that Galactus, Aegis, Tenebrous and the Celestials have joined the fight.

In the Cancerverse, the Guardians of the Galaxy are fighting this universe's version of the Defenders in an effort to prevent them from raising the alarm. Unfortunately, they find that the inhabitants of this universe can't die. Thanos gets up and unleashes a powerful blast that vaporizes the Defenders, meaning that only he, as the Avatar of Death, can bring a permanent end to these creatures. Star-Lord is particularly happy that after all the suffering that Thanos inflicted on their universe, it's a good thing it's happening to someone else. Then suddenly, this universe's iteration of the Vision appears before them, stating that he means no harm.

Meanwhile, back in the normal universe, in an unknown part of space, Major Victory is being dragged aboard a ship by Revengers Iron Man and Ms. Marvel. He proves resistant but is subdued by Lord Mar-Vell. Major is then thrown into a cell with Namorita and other aliens. Apparently, Mar-Vell is searching for individuals who are anomalies, things not of this space-time, to enact something called Necropsy.

Back at the Fault, it has become apparent to Quasar that if the cosmic abstracts have joined this battle, then there's no doubt about the magnitude of this war. The Surfer explains that the beings of the Cancerverse seek to spread to other universes and end the cycles of death and life. Suddenly, something massive emerges from the Fault, something bigger than the Celestials. The Surfer describes it as a blasphemy, a heresy... the Galactus Engine

Solicit Synopsis

Thanos…Nova…Silver Surfer…Quasar…Gladiator…the cosmic heavy-hitters take the stage as Marvel’s latest sci-fi saga rockets onwards! A rival universe where life is the ultimate curse--and reality is determined by twisted, monolithic gods--is gouging into our own! Even the great abstract figures of creation like Oblivion and Eternity have taken up arms! What possible significance can Star-Lord and his band of misfit heroes hope to have? And how will the Mad Titan Thanos chose to take his stand? Find out here – and also find out why Aint It Cool News says: “Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning continue to put out stories full of amazing characters and exquisite scenery…each issue is jam packed with the best Marvel space characters that put most of the stories on Earth to shame.”

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