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Quote1 In this universe, the chthonic entities had already begun to extend their unspeakable influence. Mar-Vell's terminal condition caused such distress amongst his peers and the global populations who adored him, something felt the empathic trauma. It felt it, and it responded with an offer to solve the problem. Something beckoned from the cosmic shadows and showed the dying Mar-Vell one simple truth. "Even Death may die." Quote2

Appearing in "The Thanos Imperative (Part 3 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Thanos Imperative (Part 3 of 6)"

At the Fault, things have become dire. The arrival of the Galactus Engine has tipped the balance back in favour of the Cancerverse. Nova can see no change, but Silver Surfer warns them to be ready for anything. Suddenly, Aegis, Lady of Sorrows, explodes, causing a shockwave of psionic energy which knocks Nova out.

In the Cancerverse, the Guardians of the Galaxy make contact with the Vision's group, the Machine Resistance, at their headquarters on Titan, where they will be able to plan their next move without interference. Thanos does most of the talking, leading Drax's distrust of him to rise. As ISAAC, the Titanian supercomputer gives the group the story of how present events in their reality occurred, in Earth-616 the Revengers have found out why things went differently...

Earth-10011 was contacted by the Many-Angled Ones, and fell under their subtle sway. When Captain Marvel lay dying of cancer, the wave of sorrow that spread across the universe caused them to make him an offer. With his help, they were able to convert his friends to the cause of the Many-Angled Ones, and together, they began a ritual called the Necropsy. The process involved sacrificing Death's avatar, which in turn, destroyed Death itself and usher in the Many-Angled Ones. The Guardians are stunned by the selfish nature of Mar-Vell's actions. Mar-Vell is stunned by how foolish his counterpart was, to accept death without thinking of other options.

According to the Machine Resistance's intelligence, the Many-Angled Ones are a collection of primordial cosmic entities that live between universes, "the first to ever truly grow old".

In Lord Mar-Vell's starship, word reaches him of the death of the Defenders. A detachment of Revengers is sent to investigate.

Meanwhile, at the Fault, a Council of War is held. Tempers run high, mostly provoked by Blastaar but Nova manages to get everyone to calm down. He explains that when Aegis died, she tried to show him something. The Revengers have captured a group of "special" people, and are holding them in their flagship. But Nova's quantum bond with Namorita may be able to help him find out where she and the others are. He proposes a strikeforce mission to hit the enemy where it hurts, while everyone else holds the line at the Fault. To this end, he gathers Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, the Silver Surfer and Ronan the Accuser for this mission.

In the Cancerverse, Thanos looks into whether the Necropsy can be reversed. Summoning Death back will require an Avatar of Death, such as Thanos. They must get to the original venue. However, Thanos decides to call Drax out on his sour demeanor. This is enough for a fight to break out between the two, which ends when Drax ties an anti-matter charge to Thanos' chest and pulls the ripcord...

Solicit Synopsis

Thanos faces twisted versions of the Avengers—while Nova assembles a star-studded cosmic strike force! As the staggering consequences of the Cancerverse’s invasion become apparent, Star-Lord and his battered band of heroes fight to protect Thanos, who has actually become the universe’s only hope! But it’s literally a life and death struggle, and one being hardwired for destruction may ruin everything! Check out this next stunning chapter and find out why AintItCoolNews says “this writing team has taken the Marvel Cosmic line to levels of cool never before seen”!


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