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Appearing in "The Thanos Imperative (Part 4 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Thanos Imperative (Part 4 of 6)"

Aboard the starship Sanctuary, Lord Mar-Vell is attempting to discover who the Avatar of Death is. One of the subjects is Namorita, who says that Nova is coming for her. And her promises quickly bears fruit, as Nova and his team, consisting of Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, Ronan, Gladiator and the Silver Surfer burst in. The Revengers respond quickly, only to be quickly dispatched by the Surfer. Quasar then saves Namorita from Giant Man, while Nova tackles Mar-Vell. However, Mar-Vell demonstrates the ability to read minds, before defeating Nova and the Surfer.

On the Cancerverse Titan, Drax has once again resumed his task to destroy Thanos, which Star-Lord knows is bad, as they needed him to save their universe and this one. Mantis can deduce that Drax is the Avatar of Life, since he was Thanos' nemesis. As a result of bringing him into this universe, the extreme amount of life is what compelled him to finish his task once more. In a surprising turn of events, Thanos is miraculously brought back to life as his body is reassembled at the atomic level. Thanos cries out that his love Death has rejected him. She has invested in his survival, making it so that he can't truly die.

Drax once again rushes to kill Thanos, only to be in turn, vaporized by his nemesis. The death of an Avatar of Life is sensed by Mar-Vell, who realized that their quarry is in their universe. He and his subordinates depart, while the Earth-616 heroes recover. Elsewhere on Sanctuary, Gladiator, Bill and Ronan have freed all the "anomalies", including Major Victory, who informs them about Thanos' survival. But before they could leave, Mar-Vell reveals that he has one last trick up his sleeve, as Sanctuary is destroyed.

With the death of Drax, Titan is no longer safe, as Death has lit up like a beacon. Instantly, the Vision is quickly cut in half, as the Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Captain America, Hawkeye and the Wasp arrive.

Solicit Synopsis

The all-star alliance of sci-fi heroes strike! Silver Surfer, Quasar and Nova lead a make-or-break attack against the undying Lord of the Cancerverse forces! It’s either total victory or utter defeat! Meanwhile, in the Cancerverse itself, Star-Lord’s rag-tag team learns whether attempting to make a deal with Thanos was the smartest choice they ever made—or the worst decision of their entire lives! It’s more star-blasting adventure from the minds of Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, the writing duo that calls “cosmic masters…(who have) deftly placed Marvel's cosmic lineup back on top of the pack!”

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  1. It's unclear who the spider is supposed to be. It appears to have a black costume similar to, but slightly different from, the symbiote used by Venom and Spider-Man before him, but it also appears to have long red hair. It might be Spider-Man, it might be Black Widow or Julia Carpenter. Both were present in Earth-616 during the death of Captain Mar-Vell.