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Quote1 Who said I wanted to win, Kree dog? I just wanted you here, close, face-to-face. Do I need to spell it out, flea? Give me what I crave. Give me death! Give me the release of oblivion! And I will give you everything you want in undying lord. Quote2

Appearing in "The Thanos Imperative (Part 5 of 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Thanos Imperative (Part 5 of 6)"

The Guardians of the Galaxy are under attack by the Revengers. Mantis advises Thanos to get back. But the Mad Titan refuses, seeing that he's immune to death. Meanwhile, Cosmo tries helping the bisected Vision, but the synthezoid insists that he forget about him. Just then, his wife, the Scarlet Witch descends, refusing to let her husband go. She then turns on the Revengers, revealing to have been a spy for the Machine Resistance from the beginning. She then uses all of her available power to transport the Guardians and Thanos to the site of the Necropsy, even with the risk of exhausting herself and being subjected to Mar-vell's wrath.

Meanwhile, in universe-616, Quasar has been able to shield Nova's team, Major Victory and Namorita, but was unable to save everyone else on Sanctuary. As they return to the battle at the Fault, the galactic leaders see that their gambit to strike at the enemy has failed and desire to put all their strength into holding the line. Seeing that no one is willing to support him in finding Star-Lord, Nova decides to go it alone. Quasar offers to assist him, only to be refused, as Nova gives him a fraction of the Nova Force to assist the Nova Corps.

Back in the Cancerverse, the Guardians and Thanos have arrived at the site of the Necropsy. Thanos analyzes that this is where universes converge, where Death was killed and the Many-Angled Ones flooded in. But, as Star-Lord reminds him that they still have a universe to save, Mar-Vell and his Revengers have arrived. Spurred on by the appearance of his nemesis, Thanos charges, as does Mar-Vell.

On a deserted Knowhere, Nova comes upon a recording made by Star-Lord, detailing how they found Thanos and how he may be the key to ending the invasion. He gives details on how to use the Continuum Cortex to locate them in the Cancerverse. Namorita insists that she accompany him, but is denied, as he fears what could happen if she crossed the Fault. Major Victory then powers up the Cortex.

Back at the Necropsy site, the battle between the Guardians, Thanos and the Revengers rages on. But Thanos has no intention to continue fighting, asking Mar-Vell to end his suffering, to give him permanent oblivion.

Solicit Synopsis

Thanos lives, but now Lord Mar-Vell moves in for the kill! The Undying Lord of the Cancerverse has underestimated the tenacity and fury of his adversary, but no longer! The Mad Titan is outnumbered and outgunned by the Cancerverse forces, and his unlikely allies—Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and the other brave misfits—find themselves making a last stand to save the galaxy’s #1 villain! It’s another unpredictable chapter of the saga that calls “First class stuff…it’s accessible and epic” and hails as “one of the most enjoyable reading experiences of the year; it’s a summer blockbuster backed by humor and characters I actually care about.”


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