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Quote1 Only you, Titan. Congratulations. You are clearly a person one does not easily forget. Quote2
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Epiphany!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hunger (First appearance) (Shadow only)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Epiphany!"

Thanos broods alone on a desolated planet. When a large space-dragon approaches and threatens him, it is shooed away by an energy blast from Adam Warlock, who says it is a benevolent species merely drawn to Thanos's energy output. Initially claiming to be upset by Warlock's sudden arrival, Thanos nevertheless shares his thoughts. He says he was responsible for destroying life on Rigel-3 where he sits, and recounts his entire origin to Warlock. Having forsaken the godhood he obtained [in the Marvel Universe: the End miniseries], he now seeks balance. Warlock claims to not know what compelled him to come here; he was not following Thanos, but now they shall travel together to see where the coincidence takes them. They travel to New-Rigel, where Thanos claims to seek redemption. While Rigellian forces attack Thanos’s ship, he and Warlock teleport into the capital palace, where they are assaulted by palace guards. To Warlock’s surprise, Thanos surrenders himself, citing his past crimes against them, and asks how he may serve them. Meanwhile, in side panels, we see the gradual awakening of an unidentified, sinister being.


  • Thanos mentions that his mother, Sui-San, died in a nuclear explosion he caused and states that she is the one person he might have spared; however, in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #67 his father, Mentor, told the Silver Surfer something contrary, that Thanos mercilessly killed his mother to find out why he was born different from his kind.

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