Quote1 Thanos never figured into this 'til he dropped in our Laps. Quote2
-- Peter Quill

Appearing in "Samaritan Part 4 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Samaritan Part 4 of 6"

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  • Gladiator reveals to Quill why he is imprisoned in the Kyln; him and fellow Guardsmen Electron, Oracle and Quasar arrested the Maker after she killed an entire Shi'ar-Colony of over 64000 Beings, she was sentenced to the Kyln and after the Shi'ar found out, that she is the Beyonder Gladiator was sent there under a false Treason charge to kill her
  • Shi'ar Colonists are fitted with Beacon Implants according to Gladiator
  • Shi'ar Justice System doesn't acknowledge mental illnesses of any kind, it's either guilty or not guilty

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