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Quote1.png Thanos never figured into this 'til he dropped into our laps. Quote2.png
Peter Quill

Appearing in "Samaritan Part 4 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Samaritan Part 4 of 6"

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  • Gladiator reveals to Quill why he is imprisoned in the Kyln; he and fellow Guardsmen Electron, Oracle and Quasar arrested the Maker after she killed an entire Shi'ar colony of more than 64,000 beings, she was sentenced to the Kyln and after the Shi'ar found out, that she is the Beyonder Gladiator was sent there under a false treason charge to kill her.
  • Shi'ar Colonists are fitted with Beacon Implants according to Gladiator.
  • Shi'ar Justice System doesn't acknowledge mental illnesses of any kind, it's either guilty or not guilty.

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