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Adam Warlock
Thanos, escape wasn't possible without a bit of widowmaking?
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Those cretins planned on reducing me to the size of a grape. No innocents died this day.
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Appearing in "Rebellion!"

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  • New Rigel-3
  • Rigel-18


Synopsis for "Rebellion!"

Warlock tries to assure the Rigellians that Thanos’s contrition is legitimate. Asked by the high commissioner about his own past, Warlock briefly recounts his long history. Before they can proceed farther, a group of Rigellian soldiers stages a coup, arresting the commissioner and threatening to kill Thanos. Warlock fights off those trying to arrest him, and discovers Thanos has already slaughtered all those guarding him and has disappeared. They find Thanos in the planet’s central control room, making improvements to the planetary defense and other matters. He next kills the ringleader of the rebellion, as a service to the commissioner. Reiterating his offer to help the Rigellians, the commissioner tells him of a crisis on Rigel-18 that could use his attention. Using Thanos’s technology, they teleport there, to find the planet apparently under attack by Galactus. But Thanos is surprised to find him still there after 3 days, without yet having destroyed the planet, giving him hope that he can honor his pledge to Rigellians by inducing Galactus to go elsewhere. If not, he vows to slay Galactus in retaliation. Meanwhile, the shadowy observing entity says everything is proceeding as planned.

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