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Synopsis for "Hunger!"

Hunger introduces himself to the reader and describes how the activation of the Infinity Gauntlet alerted him to presence of “your reality”. He explains that he chose Galactus to be his unwitting ally in creating a passageway into our reality, by subtly manipulating his energy readings to convince him that the Infinity Gems could be siphoned to sustain him without his having to destroy worlds.

Meanwhile, Thanos works to decipher Galactus’s files, and eventually discovers his current plan of using the Infinity stones to generate enough energy to sustain himself without destroying planets. He also discerns evidence of tampering within Galactus's files, though he cannot fathom who would dare to trick Galactus.

Elsewhere on the ship, Adam Warlock shares with Pip his feelings for Gamora and his dread of dying again—which he claims next time will be irreversible—when the ship is suddenly attacked by Galactus’s Punisher robots. Their overwhelming numbers allow them to overpower Warlock and retrieve the Soul Gem attached to his forehead. They teleport away before Thanos can get to them, except for one who self-destructs. Pip teleports away with the unconscious Warlock, while Thanos retrieves important data from the ship and teleports away too, ruminating that Galactus is the most dangerous foe he’s ever faced.

They reconvene at a rendezvous, though Pip is woefully late, leaving no time to muster allies. Thanos says the fate of the universe is in their hands. They go back to Rigel-18 as Galactus installs the last Infinity Gem into the machine that will satiate his hunger. Elsewhere, the Hunger prepares to enter our dimension.

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