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Appearing in "Entry!"

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Synopsis for "Entry!"

Thanos and Pip teleport aboard Galactus’s vessel, intending to destroy it and Galactus too if necessary. Thanos blasts him right off the vessel (knocking his helmet off to boot), but his Punisher robots appear before Thanos is able to depower the activated device, with Galactus soon on their heels. Under full assault, Thanos asks Galactus to hear him out, and explains once more his findings. In light of Thanos’s history of deception and greed for power, Galactus does not believe his warnings. Feeling he is beneath contempt, Galactus tosses him aside and activates the device, opening a portal that allows Hunger to enter our dimension. Hunger instantly seizes control over Galactus’s ship, and Galactus, acknowledging Thanos’s superior experience with interdimensional parasites, pledges to follow his lead. Galactus blasts it but it only grows stronger. Thanos, having previously ordered Pip to plant explosive devices throughout G’s ship, sets them off, destroying Galactus’s ship, but still the Hunger pours into our dimension. As Hunger begins to consume reality, Galactus wonders what he has done.

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