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Appearing in "Endgame"

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Synopsis for "Endgame"

As the void closes around Galactus and Thanos, Hunger taunts them as Thanos says the game is not over yet. Pip appears and teleports Galactus several miles from the battle. Thanos meanwhile, manages to cut the ship’s power, temporarily stopping Hunger’s entry and allowing Thanos to reclaim the Soul Gem. He also has teleported the entire planet of (old) Rigel-3 into the pull of Rigel-18. Pip teleports him away as the two planets crash together. As they race away on Thanos’s ship, Thanos says Pip is free to go and gives him the Soul Gem to restore Warlock.

Thanos uses his own technology to teleport to the shattered remains of the two worlds to find that Galactus has survived, though weakened and injured. Thanos then lectures Galactus that his carelessness in devouring planets will one day cause great powers to unite against him, and that all things eventually end. Later, flying away in his ship, Thanos wonders whether any part of Hunger may have survived the planetary blast, we see a tiny portion of it that did indeed survive, a black blob that launches itself from Galactus’s glove into space.

Adam Warlock, fully restored with the Soul Gem back in his forehead, offers Thanos his gratitude and says he will return to Atleza and Gamora. They part as friends and allies. As Thanos contemplates his destiny, a drunken Pip the Troll teleports back aboard his ship and passes out. Thanos tells his maintenance robots to dump him into a garbage disposal station, as there must be limits to doing the right thing.

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