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Appearing in "Samaritan Part 1 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Samaritan Part 1 of 6"

Six months after his battle with Galactus and Hunger, Thanos, dressed as a pilgrim, goes to the Verge, into a frontier settlement called Frontline. After a tense encounter with some locals, he enters the offices of the Omega Core, where he is rebuffed by its administrators Cole, Swad, and Kika, until he reveals himself as Thanos. They react with shock and Kika even begins firing at him, but an equanimous Thanos merely presses them to help him transact his business. Cole guides him through the city, where he slays a disguised Skrull, which is considered a public service. They reach a transportation platform that will take him to the Kyln, a prison and energy facility on the border of the known universe. There he talks with a priest who explains its function as both a prison and a pilgrimage site, warns him not to interact with any prisoners, and leaves him to contemplate its marvels.

As he contemplates the view, Death comes to him in the guise of a young girl and speaks with him. She faults him for always having assumed she wanted more death from him; he has neglected to consider that she might have desires beyond her essence. He grows irritated with her, but she says she has always loved him to the extent that she is able and encourages him to learn to love her, saying she is worth it. Thanos smiles and says “Good to know.”


  • Omega Core is some form of a Police Squad
  • Death tells Thanos that she has ever loved him to the extent she is able to and that he should learn to love her


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