Quote1.png I know you. I felt your Presence and recognized enough of it... not all... just enough to know. Quote2.png
-- Maker

Appearing in "Samaritan: Part 3 of 6 - Divine Madness"

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Synopsis for "Samaritan: Part 3 of 6 - Divine Madness"

At the Frontline the Omega Core is investigating the Riot in Kyln since all happend when Cole, Swad and Kika met Thanos and Cole lead him to the prison. In the meantime Gladiator, who is in prison for treason, is talking with Moloka Dar and informed him that Thanos is needed. But Gladiator has contact with a Badoon read thanos' aura and tell him answers he want. Maker on another section has been fred and also free the Skreet. Thanos at same time has put himself and the Cleric into an ambush which is made by Mynx and his people and soon they drop their weapons when they understand who is infront of them and asked him what are his intentions. When suddntly Maker appeares and asked him where does she know him and he told that they where enemies and attacked him with ahuge explosion while she shrinked Mynx and his goons. After the explosion Peter Quill, Ch'ak and a Badoon are Disgussing the status of Thanos after the attack and told Glaiator to look for him when Skreet has already found him unconsious.

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