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Quote1 You are Thanos' brother. And you have been running from that responsibility your whole life, pretending to be something you're not. Pretending to be carefree and vapid, because being yourself would mean finally facing your legacy and your responsibility. You are a hero at heart. Once, you were Starfox the Avenger. It is time to become that once again. Quote2

Appearing in 1st story

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Supporting Characters:


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  • Nebula's spaceship (First appearance)
  • Champion's spaceship
  • Imperial Guard's ship

Synopsis for 1st story

Thanos has utterly decimated the peaceful, benevolent population of the planet Nulla, because all of their healing arts were still unable to bring Thanos back to health.

Elsewhere, the space pirate Nebula raids a ship transporting cargo for the Collector, upset that its crew underbid her for the job and now planning to steal the cargo and sell it back to the Collector at a higher price. As she exits the ship she is apprehended by Starfox and Champion, who convince her to come to Titan with them.

At a scientific outpost in Shi’Ar space, Thanos bursts inside and greets his father, Mentor. Mentor spits in his face, but Thanos ignores this and says he needs Mentor to help figure out what is wrong with him. Mentor refuses, until Thanos vows to kill all the scientists on the moon unless he complies.

On Titan, Champion, Starfox, and Nebula meet with Thane, who says that Thanos is dying and they will kill him before he can find a way to cure himself. He describes why he chose each of the three, and says killing Thanos will bring them true greatness.

Analyzing his cells, Mentor says Thanos’s cells are consuming each other, like some form of God-cancer, and he has perhaps a couple weeks to live. He says developing a cure would take years. He says he has always felt responsible for Thanos's evil actions and that he is happy Thanos is dying. In response Thanos kills him.

He stalks outside to find his own troops dead, and then he himself is blindsided by a massive energy attack from the Shi-Ar Imperial Guard, who order his surrender on pain of death.

Solicit Synopsis

• Thanos is pure evil.

• Thanos is unstoppable.

• It’s time to take him down.

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