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Quote1.png Your father never wanted you. Ebony Maw didn't want you. But I do... I will never leave you, Thane. Quote2.png
Lady Death

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Thane (Main story, flashback and flashforward)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Terrax's warship (Mentioned)

Synopsis for 1st story

Eight months earlier, goaded on by Ebony Maw, Thane attempts to take over the Black Quadrant, once his father’s territory, now controlled by Corvus Glaive. Maw and Glaive end up battling, but the sudden appearance of the Coven, three ancient magic users, repels Thane’s advance, and he and Maw are defeated.

Seven months ago, the champion is thrown into the same cell as Thane. They do not get along at first but Champion offers Thane half his candy bar and they grow close.

Six months ago, they are playing a board game together when Corvus Glaive, upset that Thane has made a friend, throws him alone into a tiny, lightless cell, where he remained for months, until Death visited him. Death says they want the same thing—the death of Thanos, and she will help him regain his power and accomplish this. She helps him escape; before he leaves with her, Thane offers to free the Champion if he will help kill Thanos; Champion agrees.

In the present, Thane lays out his plan—they need to spring one of Thanos’s former minions from Terrax’s warship; this individual knows a secret way into the Black Quadrant. The others question what role Thane himself will play and laugh at his suggestion that he is their leader. Thane is offended but Death bids him bide his time, and shows him a vision of Starfox and Nebula dead while he and Death stand over the corpse of Thanos.

Solicit Synopsis

• Thanos has only one living child – Thane.

• He murdered all his other offspring.

• But he didn’t leave Thane alive out of love.

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